I’ve never liked the term Blog, so I’m calling this the Captain’s Log for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Captain’s Log was used by the first explorers sailing the seven seas to record significant events which is a fitting description of how I feel about my journey and the aim of this page. Secondly, from a nostalgic POV when I retired from the Australian Army I was a Captain. Enjoy!

My Principles of Leadership

During my time as an officer in the Australian military, leadership was a central premise to how we conducted ourselves individually and operated as a team.  The foundation for this leadership style was defined by the “Military’s Principles of Leadership”. I’ve always found these principles a valuable reminder, so much so that back in the day I wrote them in my field note book (see pic) to be a constant reminder. 


Since my service and through my experience as CEO of the Movember Foundation my leadership style has evolved but is still grounded in many of the military’s principles.  I still find it valuable to have a set of Leadership Principles to check in on, which I thought I’d share:

  • Lead by example.
  • Make sound and timely decisions. Always make the tough calls.
  • Know your strengths, weaknesses and always seek self improvement.
  • Surround yourself with excellent people, know their strengths, weaknesses, and what motivates them. Your role as a leader is to challenge, coach and inspire them.
  • Create a vision that is crystal clear, a plan to get there, equip and resource your team, then empower the team to make it happen.
  • Be humble. Ego is a blinding force.
  • It is simply impossible to be a great leader without being a great communicator.
  • Listen! Stay connected with people at every level of the organization.