Adam is an entertaining, engaging and passionate speaker who talks from the heart.  He openly shares the highs, the lows, the mistakes he made and the essential skills it takes to build an extraordinary organization.

He will leave your audience laughing, crying, inspired and motivated.

"Adam is a captivating speaker. His deeply resonating stories and warm wit captivated the 2,500 attendee audience at C2 in Montreal in 2015 and kept the Creative Innovator who's who attendee list fully engaged and inspired. Movember is doing incredible things for men's health and there is no better Ambassador than Adam to engage and move an audience to make change." Will Travis, CEO Sid Lee

Speaking formats range from key notes to panel discussions to fireside chats to guest lectures to facilitated workshops.

Adam always knows his audience and tailors his talks, he speaks with experience, passion and insight on:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – the essential skills it takes to build an extraordinary organization.

BUILDING A MOVEMENT – never underestimate the power of your vision and your ability to inspire a room full of people.  That’s how Movember started!

TATTOOS OF YOUR BRAND – how to create a cult brand.

LEADERSHIP & HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS – the principals of leadership from the military to founding Movember to leading corporate teams.

CULTURE: HAVING FUN AND DOING GOOD - the importance of workplace culture, how happiness improves productivity, creativity, and profits.

VIRAL CAMPAIGNS AREN’T SUSTAINABLE – what created Movember’s tipping point and how to transform a campaign into a sustainable organization.

INNOVATION – you can’t think outside the box if you live in it.  How to create a culture of innovation, think big and make (sh)it happen.

SUCCESS v SIGNIFICANCE – success brings us fleeting moments of happiness, being significant through serving other people creates a legacy that brings a lifetime of happiness.

MEN’S HEALTH – when it comes to their health men don’t talk and don’t take action.  Adam’s ongoing passion is mental health and suicide prevention of men and boys.


"Adam spoke at one of our WOBI Events in Australia and he was fantastic. His message was right on target, relevant and insightful. We received great feedback from our attendees and it was a pleasure working with his team." Daniel Hernandez, WOBI



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“Adam joined us at Harry’s University to share his insights on what it takes to build an extraordinary organization.  He speaks from experience with passion, humility and a refreshing openness on the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.  He entertained, educated and inspired our students.” Jeff Raider, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Harry's

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"Adam has built an extraordinary organization and led a global movement.  Very few people have impacted the world at such scale. Adam's remarkable journey, his transparency about the challenges, the big bets, the mistakes and the right calls he made create a compelling framework for anyone wanting to create a life of meaning and purpose.  Combine that with his humility and humor and you're in for an entertaining speech." Scot Chisholm, CEO & C0-Founder, Classy

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"Adam was a crowd favorite at The Gathering. He has a very human way of delivering his experience and expertise, and finds ways to bring humor into what is serious subject matter. He has had tremendous professional success, but finds a way to distill his learnings into practical insight for people to apply to their own businesses.” Ryan Gill, Chairman & Founder, The Gathering