Adam built Movember into one of the most innovative and impactful charities created this millennium, working to change (literally and figuratively) the face of men's health.  Movember disrupted the charity sector by putting the fun in fundraising, by creating a cult brand that inspired a global movement focused on men’s health.  Behind the scenes, under Adam’s leadership, Movember changed the way cancer research is done by requiring and facilitating collaboration not just at a national level but at a global level, something never before achieved in the cancer sector.

Since 2013 the Movember Foundation was named in the Top 100 Best NGOs in the world by the Global Journal. Given there are over 1.5 million registered charities in the US, Canada, UK and Australia alone this is a significant achievement. 

Adam started his career with nine years of service as an officer in the Australian Army, where he was selected and served with the Commando Regiment in the special forces.  His military experience combined with the challenges of leading Movember through start up, rapid growth, and global expansion gives Adam a unique perspective on the essential skills it takes to build an extraordinary organization and a global movement including the importance of leadership, culture, team work and change management.

Toward the end of Adam’s military career he completed a Master’s of Marketing at Melbourne Business School which helped him transition into the civilian workforce where he managed and marketed emerging web and mobile technologies.  It was this experience where Adam developed a passion for the smart application of digital technology to create highly profitable business models which became the fundamental thinking behind the development of Movember’s technology platform.

Movember’s humble beginnings happened unintentionally.  Adam’s brother, Trav and friend, Luke were enjoying a beer on a Sunday afternoon in Melbourne in 2003 and wondered why the moustache had never made a comeback.  A few more beers and the day ended with a challenge - to put the moustache back on the face of fashion.  30 guys grew moustaches in Movember 2003, creating a moment that sparked a global movement.

We all have great ideas over beers but we rarely follow through.  Adam and the other co-founders set out to inspire a new generation of philanthropy, to do something about the state of men’s health and the five-year difference in average life expectancy that exists between men and women.  In 2004 the most unlikely of unions was created – the moustache, the month of November and men’s health.

Adam Garone GQ1.jpg

2009 GQ Australia Man of the Year - Social Force

To date, 6 million fundraisers and 18 million donors have joined the Movember movement, that together have raised over $1 Billion.  Movember has funded 1,200 men’s health programs in 21 countries, achieving significant breakthroughs in the way prostate and testicular cancer is diagnosed and treated.  This will lead us to a time when we have effectively cured these cancers and the side effects of treatment are minimized.

Movember is also focused on male suicide, the biggest killer of men aged 20-39 eclipsing road deaths, deaths from all cancers and heart disease.  Turning this health crisis around is one of Adam’s ongoing passions by inspiring men to talk about the big issues going on in their life, to stay connected with friends and to seek help when it’s needed.

While tackling serious issues, Adam’s ethos is to always have fun and do good. 

In 2016 Movember was awarded Cult Brand of the year, in 2013 Adam was awarded the GQ Australia Man of the Year, in 2009 the Melbourne Business School Outstanding Alumnus Award, and in 2008 Enrst & Young Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Life after Movember saw Adam consulting with organizations and entrepreneurs dedicated to using business and culture for good.

In February 2019 Adam accepted the role of CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation where he is leading the organization through a transition to build the brand and grow revenue in order to deliver more happiness to seriously ill children.