I’ve never liked the term Blog, so I’m calling this the Captain’s Log for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Captain’s Log was used by the first explorers sailing the seven seas to record significant events which is a fitting description of how I feel about my journey and the aim of this page. Secondly, from a nostalgic POV when I retired from the Australian Army I was a Captain. Enjoy!

From humble beginnings to cult brand status, 3 lessons from the Foundation

Back in 2003 when we started Movember we had no idea where it would take us. Looking back we were just a couple of guys wanting to do good and have some fun along the way. To be honoured last week by The Gathering marketing summit as the first charity to receive Cult Brand status is a testament to the power of the moustache, and how a passionate community can truly make a difference.

We’ve learned a lot over the past 13 years.   Big lessons that shaped who we are today as a community and as a brand. Of all the lessons, these are the three that taught us the most:  

 Be Significant

 If there’s one thing that defines Movember it’s being disruptive. In 2003 we started with a simple idea, matching the growing of a moustache with prostate cancer. Silly some thought, but we stuck with it because we knew that there was nothing else like it. We set our vision, changing the face of men’s health, and created a model that redefined the charity space.

Take risks

You can never be completely sure if the next move you’re going to make is the right one. This past Movember we took a risk and introduced MOVE as a new way for men and women to participate and show their support. The challenge, MOVE every day of Movember – 30 MOVEs in 30 days. We saw an opportunity to diversify our brand, and inspire our community to continue forward in the journey with us. It was a risk we were willing and excited to take, and was proven to be the right one as we saw thousands of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas from around the world run with it.

Be accountable

 We’ve learnt it’s as hard to effectively spend the funds as it is to raise that   When we looked at how prostate cancer research was being done it became obvious that hundreds of researchers around the world weren’t sharing their successes and failures. We saw an opportunity and created the Global Action Plan (GAP) as a way of bringing researchers together, and with that redefined that way prostate cancer research is being conducted globally, and accelerating outcomes.

 Together with our passionate community of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas we’ve created a foundation that IS changing the face of men’s health. Everyday we are working towards a world where men can live happier, healthier, and longer lives.