I’ve never liked the term Blog, so I’m calling this the Captain’s Log for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Captain’s Log was used by the first explorers sailing the seven seas to record significant events which is a fitting description of how I feel about my journey and the aim of this page. Secondly, from a nostalgic POV when I retired from the Australian Army I was a Captain. Enjoy!

Celebrating fatherhood

In this episode of Movember Radio, I chat to two new dads about the highlights and challenges they face in fatherhood. Justin Baldoni, actor, director, filmmaker and star of hit TV show “Jane the Virgin” where he also happens to play a new dad similar to his role in real life. He’s also joined by Stuart Holden, Sports Commentator who recently retired from professional soccer having played for the Bolton Wanderers, Houston Dynamo and the US National Team.